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LIFE Program

Learning Is For Everyone (LIFE) Program

The LIFE program is designed to teach students with learning challenges. Using nontraditional methods of instruction in multi-age classrooms with low student to teacher ratios, students are able succeed academically. The Life Christian Academy curriculum is integrated in to the classes taught by teachers who have been trained as learning specialists. Instruction is developed around each student’s learning profile. Student progress is measured in relation to individual goals set in specific skill areas.

The Elementary LIFE classroom focuses on teaching basic reading, writing, and mathematics to atypical learners. Students are mainstreamed in to the traditional classrooms on the basis of their ability to demonstrate basic grade level skills and their ability to use compensatory methods independently.

The Upper School LIFE Program offers classes in academic areas of English (grades 6-11) and Math (grades 6-high school geometry). Students learn the concepts taught in traditional classes using individualized instruction. Students in high school are expected meet the graduation requirements of Life Christian Academy using the accommodations allowed in most colleges in the United States. 

Admission to the LIFE program begins with applying for enrollment to Life Christian Academy. Each candidate will be screened to help determine the type of support the student needs. Students will need to be able to demonstrate cognitive ability based on the result of the screening.                 

For more information about our LIFE Program, or if you have any questions, please contact Debbie Anderson.